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Because there is more to ice cream than just eating it (just as there is more to Seaside than just the beach), we thought it would be fun to have some pages just for the fun of it.  Plus, we didn't know where else to stick them.

One page is all about Ice Cream via some of our favorite ice cream web-links (which includes more ice cream history).

There's information on the music box music we play in the store.

Another page is links to things to see and do here in Seaside (besides eat ice cream, that is). 

And of course, weather info is at the bottom of this page, as is our link to www.BeachConnection.net, provider of all things newsworthy about the Oregon Coast...

We're always adding stuff, too  We invite you to share a link, picture, whatever...the e-mail is at the bottom of the page, so drop us a note!

Click on and enjoy...



  ABOUT SEASIDE (more links)  

Here's the current weather in Seaside...


Here's the latest news on the Oregon Coast:



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