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adding mix


We make all our homemade ice cream here in the store in our 5-gallon batch freezer.

We start with an ultra-premium ice cream mix that's as rich and sweet and pure dairy as you can get.   

It's nothing but Cream, Non-fat Milk, Cane Sugar, and just a bit of stabilizer (Locust Bean Gum and Guar Gum)... that's it!





adding chocolate!


Next, we add the other ingredients .We use stuff like real vanilla, natural flavorings, chips, nuts, adding chips

Some go in at the beginning, some during the mixing process - it all depends on the recipe (and most of our ice creams are our own recipes).








Here it comes!The batch freezer mixes and chills - just like a crank freezer that you may have at home (except ours is MUCH bigger). 


Each batch takes about 10-15 minutes to produce 5 gallons of ice cream - that's 2 buckets.


After about 10 minutes of churning, we extract the almost finished product into the two buckets.

into the blast freezerThe buckets go into the "flash freezer" where they are frozen at 16 below zero for 10 hours. While in the deep freeze, the ice cream not only hardens, but also cures, as the flavors intensify.

At night, we move the buckets to the storage freezer where they "warm up" to 0, and they will be ready to serve the next day.



ice cream!

The final step:  We scoop it into cones, dishes, milkshakes, or sundaes - just for you!
 Ridiculously good!




And we make our own waffle cones, too!




We make it fresh here. It's not trucked in from Portland or Eugene...or wherever.

We make an Ultra-premium ice cream (highest butterfat of anyone in town). 

Our ice cream is "low overrun" - this means less air, more flavor.

We use REAL ingredients, and lots of them; real fruit, real cocoa, real nuts and chips and
that means real flavor.

We use REAL vanilla, not the artificial stuff made of wood pulp or coal tar - really!

We DON'T use any "trash" or "filler" like whey solids and corn syrups, and no growth
hormones, either.

It's natural, pure, and ridiculously good!

There's a reason people say we're the best ice cream 
they've ever had - come in and find out for yourself!

For more information about Zinger's, click on our FAQ/News page.


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