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We make our own ice cream...no one else in town can say that!  And each year we make more than 40 different flavors, so there's always something you'll like.  We rotate our flavors often so that we can offer different tastes.  If your favorite isn't currently being served, try another!  Perhaps you'll discover a new favorite! 

We can also put our ice cream into smooth and creamy milkshakes and fantastic sundaes - to see what's available, click here.  

Here are the flavors for 2018:

Aztec Chocolate - our chocolate ice cream with a touch of cinnamon
Butter Pecan - another classic - butter pecan flavor with lots of pecans 
Caramel Cashew - our "salty caramel" - caramel ice cream and lots of salted cashews
Caramel Peanut Chip - this has caramel ice cream with chocolate chips and peanuts - what's not to like? 
Chocolate Almond - dark chocolate ice cream with roasted salted almonds 
Chocolate Covered Banana - kids (and adults) favorite - banana ice cream with chocolate covered banana chips
Chocolate Hazelnut - chocolate ice cream with hazelnut flavor AND hazelnuts 
Chocolate Peanut Butter - our version has peanut butter IN the chocolate, and we add peanut butter chips, too
Cinnamon - cinnamon ice cream with a touch of vanilla - great with hot fudge in a sundae
Coconut - coconut ice cream with flakes of coconut, too 
Coffee - make it a double?  Rich coffee ice cream makes you wanna
Danish Sweet Cream - an old recipe - it looks like vanilla, tastes like frozen whipped cream 
English Toffee - English Toffee ice cream with bits of toffee
GingerSnap! - exclusive to Zinger's - Gingerbread ice cream and gingersnap cookies
Grasshopper Pie - soft mint ice cream with chocolate graham crackers
Just Plain Chocolate - ask for it by name - it's just plain chocolate 
Lemon Custard - just like when you were a kid (or still are) - rich lemon "custardy" ice cream 
Licorice - natural in color (not black), but don't let that stop you
Lotsa Berries - lots of berries - straw, rasp, marion, and blue 
Mango - mango ice cream and mango chunks 
Maple Walnut - another old classic - maple ice cream and English walnuts
Marionberry - not from around here?  Ask us what a marionberry is (it's what we use for our best-selling fruit ice cream)
Mint Chocolate Chip - not green, but minty as all get out, with Ghirardelli chocolate chips 
New York Cheesecake - cheesecake ice cream with a graham cracker crust - you gotta problem wit dat? 
Orange Chocolate Chip - orange ice cream with those chocolate chips you love
Oregon Black Cherry - year 'round favorite - Oregon black cherries in black cherry ice cream 
Oregon Hazelnut - the state nut in a hazelnut flavored ice cream 
Peach Cobbler - we took the perennial summer hit and added a cinnamon graham cracker crust
Peppermint Candy - peppermint ice cream with peppermint candies inside
Raspberry Chocolate Chip - raspberries and Ghirardelli chocolate chips - get this one when we have it
Red Cherry Cheesecake - our famous cheesecake ice cream with Oregon Red Cherries
Root Beer Float - tastes just like one - root beer with a bit o' vanilla in the ice cream 
S'Mores - our famous toasted marshmallow base with graham crackers and chocolate chips - you bring the campfire
Spumoni - Pistachio base with chocolate chips, roasted almonds, and Oregon Red Cherries - busy!
Strawberry - nothing sweeter - strawberries, and lots of them
Swiss Mint - our chocolate ice cream with peppermint flavor - cool and crisp
Toasted Marshmallow - bring your campfire - toasted marshmallow ice cream with mini marshmallows
Very Vanilla - the standard recipe with just a "touch" more vanilla
White Chocolate Chip - white chocolate chips in white chocolate ice cream

Flavors rotate throughout the year.  If you get our email newsletter, you'll know what we have and when we have it,
otherwise, come see what's in the case now.

And no, we don't ship.  Sorry.



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