We love ice cream...and if you do, too, you'll want to check out these other web sites - interesting information - all about ice cream.  Almost as much fun as eating a double scoop on a waffle cone (I said almost)...

Also, note that many of these links have other links...and don't forget to come back here!
If you've read our story, now read this version of the history of ice cream
Here's another ice cream history site
Fascinating ice cream folklore (long before the ice cream cone)
A listing of ice cream sites from Stephen Mann, a Computer Graphics professor in Waterloo, Ontario (a very eclectic collection to be sure) - Stephen, if you see this, and ever make it to Seaside, come on in for a freebie!
Steven's "Ice Cream Hall of Shame" - be sure to read the story about the ice cream truck jingle!
National Ice Cream Days (National Ice Cream DAY is the 3rd Sunday in July, but there are lots of other ice cream-related holidays, too!)
Ice Cream Trivia and tons of links to other ice cream sites
About.com has an entire page of links about ice cream - some of the above included, and too many more to list here!

Know of a site not on this list?  Tell us at:  homemade@zingersicecream.com


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